Gutter,  Roof and Gullies Cleaned in Henley on Thames

A Successful Cleaning Mission at a Church in Henley on Thames

24hrs Drainage is a renowned company specialising in drainage and cleaning services, known for its expertise and prompt response time. With a solid reputation built over years of dedicated service, they tackle a plethora of drainage issues, ensuring that gutters, roofs, and gullies are thoroughly cleaned and maintained. Their proficiency is widely recognised, making them a trusted choice for clients in need of high-quality drainage solutions.

The church in Henley on Thames stands as a significant historical and community landmark. Nestled in this picturesque town, the church not only serves as a place of worship but also as a custodian of local heritage. Its architectural grandeur and historical significance make it an irreplaceable asset to the community, drawing visitors and parishioners alike.

The initial contact between the church administration and 24hrs Drainage was driven by the pressing need for professional cleaning and maintenance. As with many historical buildings, the church faced challenges in keeping its drainage systems in optimal condition. The gutters, roof, and gullies required meticulous attention to prevent water damage and preserve the structural integrity of the building.

Given the church’s architectural features and historical status, the project posed specific challenges. The intricate design and age of the structure necessitated a careful approach to avoid any damage to the historic fabric. The church’s height and the complexity of its roofline further complicated the cleaning process, requiring specialised equipment and expertise.

Understanding these unique challenges, 24hrs Drainage was well-prepared to undertake the task. Their team of professionals brought both the technical know-how and the sensitivity required for such a delicate project, ensuring that the church’s drainage systems were cleaned and cleared without compromising its historical value.


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Yasmeen Westgate UtamaYasmeen Westgate Utama
13:08 01 May 24
Carlo really provides a fantastic service and is reliable. Would highly recommend
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05:34 01 May 24
Carlo has always been very helpful on both routine maintenance and call out work. We definitely plan to use his services again in the future.
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19:44 30 Apr 24
I am just glad I found Carlo when I had a plumbing issue . Infact I had 4 seperate plumbing issues in the same week and Carlo was super helpful, very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to interact with. He would be recommended to all my friends and he has a great future in his line of work . Good luck Carlo x
Gage Griffiths-PaylorGage Griffiths-Paylor
19:34 30 Apr 24
Carlo has done two jobs for me now and I couldn't recommend him enough! He's punctual, polite and very informative! He's been doing work for out flat block and has been able to sort out two issues for us.
Sam IllsleySam Illsley
18:54 16 Feb 24
Carlo was excellent - punctual and issue fixed within an hour
Clifford LawClifford Law
10:16 17 Jan 24
Brilliant fast and friendly service by Carlo who through his camera survey discovered a collapsed drain. Whilst I rang our builder, Carlo spoke with him on the phone explained the problem, sent pictures of the collapse and the builder agreed to come out the next day and fix the issue causing the blockage. Without Carlo and his swift response by 24hrs drainage, this would not have been possible - highly recommended to use for the future
Lloyd BatesLloyd Bates
17:20 24 Dec 23
Had a blockage causing problems with the downstairs toilet and carlo has sorted it out he’s really professionally he’s hardworking highly recommend him will use him in future issues 👍
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Carlo is a great professional and friendly with it. Excellent explanation of the problem, good solution and great advice medium-long term. Thorough recommend Carlo for a thorough, professional job at a good price.
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Carlo was prompt, polite and thorough. He went above and beyond so I'd definitely trust to use him again.
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Really professional company. I called them and they fixed my blocked drain same day. I recommend! Thank you
CElaine MitchellCElaine Mitchell
23:58 04 Dec 23
Very fast response to emergency call-out, cleared the problem quickly. Followed up with report on state of drains, and we were very happy to ask them back to perform the necessary remedial work. Friendly efficient service at a very fair price.
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Carlo arrived quickly, he efficiently identified the problem and fixed it within the hour. Thanks Carlo!
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19:20 25 Jul 23
We have been working with Carlo since he started his private business and prior to this with his previous firm. I am a property manager and can’t always attend issues but we have full trust in Carlo to attend promptly, successfully clear the blockage and leave the site/shower clean and tidy. He goes the extra mile to keep us informed. He always attends within a few hours and has 100% success. We are grateful to have a competent drainage expert on hand to support our business, even on Sundays!
Julie BorlandJulie Borland
11:29 01 Jun 23
My worst nightmare….. sewage pushing up a manhole cover and covered my front lawn. Call made and problem solved within 3 hours. Carlo was professional, friendly and informative showing me all the issues that caused it identifying collapsed pipes. He had all the right gear for the job and after jetting and checking with a camera left me fully satisfied with the result within the hour of arriving. Would highly recommend.
Ann ThompsonAnn Thompson
16:59 23 May 23
Carlo responded quickly to our request. He is a very personable and friendly guy and did the job with great attention to detail. Would highly recommend him.
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19:18 15 May 23
I have had Carlo's help twice now, with two different drainage problems, and both times he has succeeded whether others had failed. He cleared a blocked bath that the plumber couldn't fix, and also did a fantastic job of clearing out a blocked drainage pipe that was cracked and full of roots but which my previous drainage 'expert' had failed to resolve. He has all the right equipment and skills for the job, but he is also courteous, friendly and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
Church in Henley on Thames
Church in Henley on Thames

The Process

The 24hrs Drainage team embarked on a comprehensive cleaning mission at the church in Henley on Thames, executing a meticulous plan to ensure optimal results. Given the historical and structural significance of the church, thorough preparation and stringent safety measures were paramount. The team conducted an initial site assessment to evaluate the condition of the gutters, roofs, and gullies, and to identify any potential hazards, especially considering the considerable height and architectural intricacies of the building.

The cleaning process commenced with the clearing of the church’s gutters. Utilising an advanced vacuum system, the team effectively removed accumulated debris such as leaves, twigs, and dirt. This method proved essential in preventing blockages and ensuring the smooth flow of rainwater. For more stubborn debris, high-pressure water jets were employed to dislodge and wash away obstructions, safeguarding the integrity of the drainage system.

Next, the focus shifted to the roof, which required a combination of manual debris removal and high-pressure cleaning. The team adhered to strict safety protocols, using harnesses and scaffolding to navigate the roof’s steep inclines and fragile tiles. Particular attention was paid to areas prone to moss and algae growth, which were meticulously cleaned to restore the roof’s original condition and prevent potential water damage.

Cleaning the gullies involved a more hands-on approach. The team manually removed debris that had settled in these essential conduits, ensuring that water could efficiently drain away from the building’s foundation. This step was crucial in preventing waterlogging and potential structural damage.

Throughout the process, the team encountered several challenges, including particularly stubborn blockages and areas of the roof that required delicate handling due to their age. Nevertheless, through the use of specialised tools and techniques, these obstacles were effectively overcome.

The results of the cleaning operation were impressive. The church’s gutters, roofs, and gullies were thoroughly cleared and cleaned, significantly enhancing the building’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. The 24hrs Drainage team’s expertise ensured that the church in Henley on Thames was well-prepared to withstand the elements, preserving its historical charm for years to come.

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