Gutter,  Roof and Gullies Cleaned in Henley on Thames

Church in Henley on Thames

Gutter,  Roof and Gullies Cleaned in Henley on Thames A Successful Cleaning Mission at a Church in Henley on Thames 24hrs Drainage is a renowned company specialising in drainage and cleaning services, known for its expertise and prompt response time. With a solid reputation built over years of dedicated service, they tackle a plethora of drainage issues, […]

Drain Patch in Reading

Drain Patch in Reading

DRAIN PATCH IN READING, BERKSHIRE Sealing an Unused Lateral Pipe in Reading, Berkshire In Reading, Berkshire, a property owner was confronted with significant challenges stemming from an open lateral pipe that was no longer in use. This neglected pipe became a conduit for rodents, allowing these pests to infiltrate the household directly from the drainage […]

Emergency Callout in Basingstoke

Emergency Callout in Basingstoke

Emergency Callout in Basingstoke Clearing a Blockage in Basingstoke Recently, we received an emergency callout from a commercial property in Basingstoke. Our team at 24hr Drainage quickly attended the site to address the issue. Upon arrival, we discovered a blocked manhole, a common problem in drainage systems.   Clearing the Blockage To resolve the blockage, […]

Blocked Drain in Newbury

Block Drain in Newbury

Blocked Drain in Newbury. At 24hrs Drainage, we understand the inconvenience caused by a blocked drain. Recently, we attended to a blocked kitchen gully in Newbury, West Berkshire. Our dedicated team promptly investigated the blockage to identify the cause and determine the best course of action. Using our high-pressure jetting equipment, we successfully cleared the […]

Blocked Drain in Reading

Blocked Drain - Reading, Berkshire

Blocked Drain in Reading, Berkshire Discovering a blocked drain in your home can be a distressing experience, but rest assured that 24hrs Drainage is here to swiftly resolve the issue. Recently, we were called out to a residential property in Reading, Berkshire, where a blocked drain was suspected. Our dedicated team promptly arrived on the […]